Yoga as Part of a Therapeutic Program

Debra integrates:

Yoga breathing techniques, stretching, meditation/moments of mindful awareness, guided imagery and chakra-balancing in a clinical setting to help her clients reduce stress and anxiety.

Based on individual needs, she may combine Yoga with Hypnotheray and Wellness Counseling as part of a healing package.  Debra is a Certified Yoga Instructor at the 500-hour level and is registered with the Yoga Alliance.  She has studied with Anodea Judith, Scott Blossom, Gary Kraftsow, Gabriel Halpern, Cora Wen, Stephanie Keach, Amy Weintraub, Shanti Rae, and Shala Worsley, and conducts workshops locally, including Okra and Sangrock in Charlotte, and Synergy yoga in Rock Hill & City Yoga in Columbia, SC.  She also conducts and co-leads retreats at the Art of Living Ashram in Boone, NC,  Belize, and The Sacred Valley in Peru.

Releasing Weight w/ Yoga and Guided Visualization

How about an intuitive way of thinking about diet and body,  health, proper nutrition, digestion, the Belly, the Brain?

Where to begin, what to change, what is valuable and worth holding onto?   In order to stop the food/body cycle of desire and self-loathing, you must first realize a sense of feeling nourished, energized and at peace with your body.  Begin a journey towards freedom as you  work with Debra and learn to change the old programming inside, reclaim your essence and beauty and realize that

The world needs the true you!

Begin today.

Contact Debra today, and learn to make peace with your body, and with food.


Please Contact Debra for private, individual and group lessons, as well as workshops.

Debra Young, LPC

Benefits of Yoga

It’s time to rethink our goals and vision for ourselves, and maybe there’s a better way to approach this.  Yoga is unique in that it allows one to align mind/body/spirit with movement and sound, almost like dancing.  Yoga provides countless benefits for everyone, regardless of the level of fitness and experience a person begins with.  Among its’ many benefits, yoga can help you reduce stress and achieve a more calm, peaceful state of mind.  Practiced regularly yoga can reduce blood pressure, balance hormones, build strength and cardio capacity, and provide numerous health benefits, increase flexibility and help with joint & back pain. 

Jam-packed power-focused yoga classes can leave beginners feeling lost, and experienced yogis wanting something more.  Individual private yoga sessions can add up quickly.  Workshops, led by Debra, create a more effective and affordable way for people to receive expert training. Classes are small enough so everyone receives one-on-one attention, but big enough so there’s still a fun, friendly, and stress-reducing atmosphere.

Contact Debra today with questions or for more information.


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