Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching

Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching

Address lifestyle choices, health behaviors and responses to stress as you learn to make behavioral changes that improve health, well being, and quality of life. The relationship we develop working together, goal setting, identifying obstacles and personal support systems, are key to achieving wellness. Together we explore and decide things like what needs to be addressed, use of support systems, and personal strengths and challenges.

For example, releasing and keeping off weight requires more than just cutting calories and working out—it takes a  lifestyle change, which can be stressful. My holistic background teaches, encourages and supports you in making healthy choices and coping with the emotional aspects of weight loss. This is a more multifaceted approach to health and well-being .  Learn a  more holistic view of wellness that also includes a variety of techniques targeted to manage the stress that food cravings and anxiety stir up.

Maybe you’re one of the millions who have tried, unsuccessfully, to quit smoking only to give up after one or more failed attempts. Often the missing piece is found in the process of discovering the real need(s) those cigarettes are meeting. A successful approach includes support, and an individualized wellness package to reach desired goals.

Below are a few simple ways to reduce stress  daily.

Some Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

Drive slower.
Get 7-8 hours of sleep each night.
Dim the lights in the evenings.
Avoid stimulating activities close to bedtime.
Eat meals at regular hours and include small healthy snacks.
Learn to say “no” so you don’t over-commit.
Exercise daily. Try yoga and meditation, it works!
Deepen your breath, especially your exhale.
Eat a well-balanced diet
Avoid highly processed foods, saturated fats, and the “whites” (sugar, flour, rice).
Develop the habit of journaling, and reflect daily on what you’re grateful for.
Stretch gently before rising from bed. Unplug an hour before sleep!
Limit caffeine intake.
Find some time on a regular basis to do something you enjoy.
Laughter is the best medicine. Spend time with and enjoy children and animals, they are naturally joyful.
Let go of the outcome of things.

Please contact me for specific questions/more information regarding the health and life coaching services and to schedule an appointment.

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