Allow yourself to connect with the child you once were, who still exists inside of you. This child knows what you need and want! By integrating your Inner Child and Adolescent with your Adult self, you live a freer and more authentic life.

As children, we all possess an inherent wisdom, a connection to our emotions. We know what we love, what brings us joy, or sorrow, even disappointment. We get angry, become fearful, and feel exquisitely happy many times during any given day. We intuitively connect to our spirit and emotions.

We experience the freedom of our bodies.

 By knowing what moves us deeply, what brings us joy and lightness of spirit, we begin to effect change. This occurs on all levels of mind, body and spirit.

In turn, this allows us to unconsciously draw to us the experiences, things and people that bring greater happiness and quality of life. Over time outdated  negative beliefs fall away. Unconsciously, we begin to move away from those things that no longer work for us or serve us. We release blocks to peace and happiness. Intention shifts to create meaningful change on deep, profound levels.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in North Carolina, combining a counseling background & expertise with integrative treatment modalities including hypnotherapy, guided visualization, chakra balancing, mindfulness meditation, yoga, breathing and nutrition.  Allow me to create a very specific, individualized, holistic approach as we work together.  Call today for your complimentary phone consultation.  Please download and complete the form below for your first visit:

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