“Your house is your larger body.  It grows in the sun and sleeps in the stillness of the night; and it is not dreamless.  Does not your house dream? and dreaming, leave the city for grove or hilltop? ”   
Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet


 It may be time for a change, a shift into something new and wonderful in your life.

        With hypnosis, you turn your imagination into real accomplishments.

We see things according to our history, not just our own but also that of our ancestors.  The way you look at life events may be creating difficulty due to faulty perception.  Now is the time to decide.  To get your “house” in order.   A few simple changes can create happiness, wholeness, wellness, and lead to discovering a path that leads you home. In a short period of time, it’s possible to create habits that lead you closer to achieving the life of your dreams. Integrate your intelligence, strength, and endurance so the inside and outside world become a synchronized flow of energy that carry you to reach your highest potential. Ideas without action are just daydreams .  Call 704-771-6251 today!

We are always influenced by the unconscious.

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